Introductory Tour

11 Stops

This half-mile Introductory Tour features stories about the Arboretum’s history, mission, and research endeavors. The tour highlights plants along Meadow Road between the Hunnewell Building and the ponds. Visit these stops in any order to read about the individual plant, and hear stories from the Arboretum’s horticulturists, scientists, educators, and researchers.

At each highlighted plant, you can access a range of content on the app, from botanical facts to informative audio segments and staff interviews. Each page also has a “dig deeper” button at the bottom, which will connect you to additional content covering history, conservation, and horticulture.

View the stops in the Introductory Tour by clicking the Map icon at the bottom of your screen. Each plant featured in the Tour is marked with a yellow flag, and has a stop number that begins with 1. If you need help navigating the app, tap the Home button at the bottom left corner of the screen, and select the How to Use This App button.

Look for signs with the Expeditions logo throughout the Arboretum, and go on an expedition of your own!

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