101. Red Maple

Red Maple

Acer rubrum ‘Schlesingeri’

Accession 3256*A

This tree, Acer rubrum ‘Schlesingeri,’ was brought to the Arboretum in 1888 by founding director Charles Sprague Sargent. In spring, the red maple’s green leaves mix with the evergreen leaves of the euonymus vine climbing up its trunk. By late summer and fall, the maple’s leaves have turned a vivid red, earlier than those of other trees. In winter, the tree’s grooved, aged trunk comes into view.

  • Listen to the audio

  • Listen to the audio

Arboretum Director William (Ned) Friedman loves the ‘Schlesingeri’ maple. Hear him talk about this tree and the relationships that are possible between humans and plants at a place like the Arboretum.

Listen below to hear about how this tree came to the Arboretum.